Shipping info

You can track the shipment through the postal service in YOUR country, but maybe not until it`s arrived in your country and registered online there. Some shipments might not be registered online, or updated, in your country until after delivery.


Items listed as “Backorder” will normally be available within 1-4 days after an order has been made, but we have more than 15,000 different items, so in some cases it take more time. If it takes a while, you can then get another item, or a refund, if you don`t want to wait. We have no info or updates until the item(s) are sent to you.


Please note: Your order may split into two or more shipments. If this occurs, you will be notified and receive a tracking number for each shipment.


We recommend that you register an account at our store. You will then have access to your orders and all info there, and you won`t need to check your emails.

If you want access to orders made before you register an account, then you need to contact us to get access to them.


We always have hundreds of items at very low prices in our SALE-section. See them here.


Shipping times might be extended due to less available cargospace on flights.


All orders are shipped registered (with trackingnumber) from Bangkok, Thailand. We use standard airmail and ePacket from Thailand Post.


Shipping cost depends on weight, location and shipping method.


Be aware that shipping times might be longer than normal due to the Covid-19 situation!


Shipping time for orders sent during this period is expected to be longer than mentioned below.

Sorry for any inconvenience!

Normal shipping times (APPROX) before Covid-19:

Germany, Belgium 10-20 days

Scandinavia 2-3 weeks

United Kingdom, France, Spain, Netherlands 2-4 weeks

Austria, Greece, Italy 3-5 weeks

All other European countries 3-5 weeks

Australia, New Zealand, Asian countries 2-3 weeks

Canada 2-5 weeks

USA 2-5 weeks

South-American countries 3-8 weeks

South Africa, Israel 3-6 weeks

It might take longer, or faster in some cases, than mentioned above, but most orders are delivered within those times. During holiday periods, Christmas etc, shipping time might be longer.

Contact us if you have any questions!